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Then, anger
                        was a crease in the brow
                                   and silence
                                 a catastrophe.
                              Then, making up
                            was a mutual smile
                                  and a glance
                                       a gift.
                      Now, just look at this mess
                    that you've made of that love.
                          You grovel at my feet
                               and I berate you
                    and can't let my anger go.

P.S- Love for me can be never a feeling but a mixture of several feelings, its life in life itself, an art which is not gifted to many. gifted are the people who have some one to share their concern, anger, care, passion.... 
It can be hard sometimes, demand you to snatch out your feelings and throw away forever, yet when you see that person your heart melts. again.
P.P.S- This happened somewhere in  between my clas…