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    I love you.... Silly...                                                He always says that to me.
                                      When all drowned in vulnerability
                                                 I have his assurance
                                                that he will be with me
                                                No matter what…
                                                 No matter how
                                                our days will be...

                                             Through the joys and miseries
                                                        We’ll get it through
                                                      above all uncertainties
                                             Together we’ll face tomorrow
                                                                  Holding ...


She sleeps with her eyes half-open and voices bother her like unwanted visitors. She loves the smell of her bed-sheets. She loves to watch the world from the heights of her stilettos. She watches musicals about love and comedies about well, love. She folds herself and lies silently in between the pages of her paperbacks for hours. She bathes for hours. She waits for no one...for hours.
She drinks water in sips. She hates traffic. She loves those frills around her dresses.She love to fold the pillow covers. She loves dark chocolates. She loves the crust of the cakes. She likes her breath after a cup of coffee.

She wants to whistle when on a long walk, only she doesn't know how to. She wants to fly, alone. She wants to climb the highest of the mountains and sit there till the stars come by, alone. She wants to love someone. She wants to meet someone by the sea shore who would never let her go. She wants to be someone that she herself won't let go.

She lives in the …