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     Colors...! They make me sooo happy! I sit at my table and i cant take my eyes off my wall. There are times when i just love to stare at it forever. I have these sticky colorful notes all over with my favorite quotes. They always seem to speak to me.

    There are times when a troubled mind finds no peace. I look outta my window, praying God to help me out. To send me a rainbow. I look in and my eyes automatically search the colors on my wall, and there's always ONE particular quote that seems to scream out at me. And the more i look at it, the more relaxed and focussed i get. I get my solutions and my mind is untroubled. Right,carefree, cheerful quotes on colorful papers always do the trick for me.

    Sometimes without a reason, i like to look around and read all of those to myself. And other times, unintentionally, my subconscious mind seems to be taking it all in. So i recommend its a fun way to be positive and happy. Ofcourse, the real strength lies in your …

I WONDER... :)

I wonder why we fail to realize the importance of being alive. I wonder why we expect things from someone when we don't live up to their expectations. I wonder why love comes with so much pain. I wonder why we fall in love again despite having a heart break. I wonder why we expect someone to change when we can't. I wonder why we overlook simple happiness in our quest for bigger ones. I wonder why we hang on to someone's past to decide whether to love him/her or not. I wonder why someone's past becomes a barrier in a relationship. I wonder why we expect a second chance from someone when we don't give it when expected.

Every time we think that we are getting used to life, life takes a turn. It's hard some times to keep expecting things to get normal. But at the end, we just have to go on. They say 'Life is a roller coaster ride', so true!


Change is a constant factor in mine. Stagnation scares the shiz outta me. Not kidding. I always wanna be on the move, experience new things, see new sights, feel new feelings. I’m restless. That’s me.
Have you ever wanted to pack your bag, go somewhere new, become a hippie, breathe raw scents of nature that will fill your heart and your soul and that moment will always be captured in your memory forever, to be looked into as your secret cuz no one else knows how you felt that moment? Or perhaps those who were with you know. The joy. The oneness. The happiness. The fulfillment.

But life isn’t a movie. It goes on. That’s the bad part about it sometimes. That perfect moments cannot last forever. Cuz life moves on, there will be ups and there will be downs. But those precious memories will always be ours to claim.
One of my many favorite flashbacks of life comes back to me at weird times. It was climbing up and going down the hills of AL HAIR. They have hot water springs ther…


The Stuff toys!!! What`s difference this time?? I asked myself. This has been going on with so many individuals since long, like me, under the sun. It was the moment when I was exposed to my insanity, my acquiescent nature towards this gruesome reality of life. How smoothly I was hoodwinked, unable to decipher the tides raising about me, unable to identify the whirlpool which made my identity, i confess my weakness at this point, my aimlessness in spite of being far aimed and above all the fear of creature that navigated my life.
This was the moment-for the very first time I scrutinized my image in the mirror which was not my true reflection. Being in a state of fear all my life I wore an oyster garb for protection. One wrong thought of giving vent to my feelings would make bait—He would stifle me, pull life out of me, decimate my ecstatic moments, myriads of expressions, my trivial wishes and my power.
The expansion and contraction of my mind was an ultimatum for me to re…


I’m different. I’ve always been me. (The Winner Stands Alone)

Love is freedom and peace. So we just should feel our heart and listen to its sound...

God is all about love...
God is love, generosity and forgiveness; if we believe in this, we will never allow our weaknesses to paralyse us.
(The Valkyries)

Love can consign us to hell or to paradise. It always takes us somewhere.

Love cannot exist in peace, it will always come accompanied by agonies,  ecstasies, intense joys and profound sadnesses. (The Valkyries)


I Promise Myself
To be Strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person I meet.
To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.
To look at the sunny side of possibly everything and make my own world come true
To think only of the best, to work only for the best
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of
others as I am about my own
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the 
greater achievement of the future.


If even for a moment, you had
Gazed into my eyes, you could have seen
What it was, what it could have been Of all the things between us That were said never “I am there” stayed awaited forever
Of all the times together we spent The moment arrived never When you held me for ever

Of all the moments I spent Thinking about you Then you were far somewhere Smiling with someone else
I cringe, cower, repent and hate myself
You misunderstood my wishes Yet blame it all on me You backed away when I was down Yet I feel it was me

If even for a moment, you had Gazed into my eyes, you could have seen What it was, what it could have been

All I wanted, wasn’t the walk With coherent steps, hands in hands Neither a lifetime of romance Nor lying in stars or a rain dance
But a promise to never let go A will to stay evermore A command to be yours forever A silent commitment to not give up too soon Now that it’s over

All we had is now- was The foot prints you left Teach me, remind me Of failure I embody

Now a void has replaced
The innocence …


Standing tall and strong, he is my hero.
                            Placing my small hands into his,
                             feeling nothing could beat us.
                                   Smiling up at him,
                         Looking into my Daddy's eyes.

                    He can do anything, for he is so brave.
                          He knows how to make me laugh
                                        when I feel sad.
                          There is nothing better than
                         Looking into my Daddy's eyes.

                             I love when he dances with me,
                                  standing on his toes,
                              we move around the room
                                      While looking up
                                 into my Daddy's eyes.

                       He makes me feel big and grown,
                              taking his hands, knowing
                      nothing can hurt my …


I know people change. Change so subtly that is takes days to believe the existence of something that was imperceptible before.
I know people turn their back.I have seen them hiding their faces like the evening sun which dips ever so slowly somewhere in the horizon and darkens all that's around, while you stand patiently for the dingy light to be thrust upon.
I know people back stab.I have felt them poking those incessant punches on me like the merciless winds in a vast, hot, sandy desert which away extracts all moisture and vitality and depresses one deep in the restless sand.
I know it because life blessed me with relations and thrust upon me the intricacies of dealing with people. People who promised to never change and relations which were as sturdy as huge mountains. But nothing can change the nature of change for it has to change! And its no more surprising yet an irony as to how the most toughest of glasses shatter easily. Promises that define our being, are our str…


We humans have different point of views and beliefs. We were born as unique as our fingerprints and we are all aware to many things surrounding us. We might be changing as time passes by but still we cannot deny the fact that Life has given so much lessons in which we are continuing to learn. We all have rights to speak and listen. Now, I would like to begin my way of sharing short life and love mixed quotes in which you can surely reflect, ponder and relate. Good thing is that through this, you'll be able to read what's on my mind as well. Here are a few starting quotes for you: Sometimes, words not heard.. hurt the most!Ohhhhh it’s really hurting especially if the one you love is the one who’s not saying anything (No comment factor!). Sometimes, it’s okay to yell than to be silent all the time. Sometimes what I'm looking for, comes when I'm not looking at all.It reminded me of bringing my umbrella when it’s very sunny and raining so hard when I don’t have it!! Actio…


Sometimes to unveil a feminine side we have to put up a little courage for me it happend last night... I have no memory how my ears were pierced for the first time.... but after almost 18 yrs of it I got my second piercing done.... It still pains but i hope its worth it I love the little stud with a stone in it shining on my ear... my insisted on it as I always forget to wear earrings.. :) every time most of the times... so now everyone who thinks i am tomboy can get it right i am wild girl... That's how my bhaijaan describes me LOL....
now that its done and still pains alot all i can say is i didn't get the candies and chocolates promised by my mom... as i didnt say it hurt :P :( my bad!


Today, I cross out another year in my life yep i am enlightened 19 now :) :)
This year has been a wonderfully incredible roller coaster ride. It was like a book brimming with 'lessons learned', like a movie with eternally blissful scenes and like a sad song which echoes of hurt, pain, regret and guilt.

This year I have realized that every minute particle that circumferences our existence is to be utterly grateful for no matter what. Every fraction of a second, every morsel, every smile, every instant of safety, home and family is to be grateful for. Nothing should be taken for granted. I have realized that there is so much more to living than meets the eye, so much more to life than the next few months or years, so much more than what we proclaim that we can ‘die for’ at this instant. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is eternal. We live temporary roles in temporary lives in temporary homes.

This year I have witnessed the crashing of a dream I have honed for nearly ha…


What voice do we speak with
when words fail to convey?
What foundations do we stand upon
when the sand quickens at our feet?
What eyes do we see with when
we are blinded by weeping tears?
Who hears our mournful sobs
when those we love reach the end of days?
And what arms offer comfort when
our pain is unending and inconsolable?
Who will wipe the tears staining
your cheek's shuddering flesh?
Who will warm the chill?
Who will offer solace, in the face
of lifes unending torment?
Who will bring sanctuary to the soul
and sanctity to the heart?
Who will ease your burden when
the weight you bear is yours alone?
Do you stand before the
cheviralle glass and wonder,
in the darkest hours of the night
when you are sure you are alone?
When all that surrounds your fails you,
your hopes, our expectations, do you wonder?
Who will stand as your guiding star
and offer you the miracle
you so desperately seek?
Do you wonder, or do you forget?
Do you wonder in the space of a moment,
or the expanse of …


Father's Love ....
Holding beloved toe
He asked for words..
From his love ones,..

Pictures across his desk..
Manifesting into conversation,..
tête-è-tête , from love ones..
.. ..
Smiles and twinkles in the eye,..
Like star light, Scarlett,..
Beauty as roses red,..
Yep red as a gemstone..
Rubys just right,
Made with colours of claret
That flows through the family's veins..
.. ..
Parental affection..
Is like the definition of God..
Still searching for answers,..
Best left unexplained and its unconditional....
.. ..
Admiration is with what eyes..
He is seen and the way he sits and stares,..
For his love for his family is...
Unmistakeable undeniable..


1. Knowledge that is not acted on

2. The deed that has neither sincerity nor is based on following the righteous examples of others

3. Money that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it during this life nor obtains any reward for it in the Hereafter

4. The heart that is empty of love and longing for Allah, and of seeking closeness to Him

5. A body that does not obey and serve Allah

6. Loving Allah without following His orders or seeking His pleasure

7. Time that is not spent in expiating sins or seizing opportunities to do good

8. A mind that thinks about useless matters

9. Serving those who do not bring you close to Allah, nor benefit you in your life

10. Hoping and fearing whoever is under the authority of Allah and in His hand; while he cannot bring any benefit or harm to himself, nor death, nor life; nor can he resurrect himself.

However the greater of these matters are wasting the heart and wasting time. Wasting the heart is done by preferring this worldly life…

I DEFY.....

Sometimes breaking the shell is so necessary to escalate yourself from the worlds den. Their crust is a place where your own wisdom is cursed and crushed; it functions by its sets of norms. You seldom question the liberty you get, coming out from a cocoon is so not a lay man’s job. It requires a harsh soldier and the warrior who could stand by his wills.
Most times the realizations are much delayed, that is; when you are either swaying in circumstantial hands or by the deaths crest. There is no way to deter now. Is it, have you ever known or attempted? The tempest has befallen. I can’t even warn, beware. Think!

Freedom is altruistic, you dream, you fathom, but do you achieve or even make efforts to unshackle?  Do you look forth a new horizon tell me, do you really do? I have been all across the journey together by you, limitlessly trying to dive into its ocean. I really am unaware about the bottom of the sea that you and I have chosen to govern. I am not a liberator anymo…


When we were three or four, our parents always nudged us, regarding what we wanted to become when we grew up... Our adorably cute answers of course ranged from the President of USA, to the Astronaut probably sitting on the moon right then, or well in my case, a Tooth Fairy with a magic wand....
When we were nine or probably ten, they asked us again... And surprisingly our answers changed to a wide extent! Now we wanted to become a rock star, a cowboy, a model or well in my case a Teacher...
And now that we have grown up, the question strangely still remains the same. But this time everyone is search of a serious answer...
Well how about this - "Who the hell knows?"
I learned from someone, that this isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions of life. Rather its the time to make as many mistakes as possible! Catching the wrong train, reaching the entirely wrong destination and getting stuck there for hours and hours.. Falling in love - as much as anyone can even imagi…


I came across these really funny pictures and I wanted to share them with you guyz... They not only made my laugh, they made my day. Hope they make u laugh too =D because we all need a smile, one way or another. ans today everyone must smile... and remember that its my birthday :) ^_^