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Bad is taking over me, the ropes are loosing that were holding me. The in-noxious bird under the prison is now feeling free, My soul is on a floe but i can't  feel anything. The propitious feelings are lost, and the heart has found the Hades. I am lost but my soul is free , the bird is feeling an astonishing glee. The immoral folks killed me barbarously. For them, the right was wrong and the dark was bright. I am rummaging those lost dreams, but they are not in my sight. Veracious present is demanding my slaughtered soul to fly, but I am still aware of my pleading cry. My durance is over as a stone that everyone kicked. When i was alive, my sombre deeds were picked for the punishment, my benevolence was not taken into consideration. the  'good people' gave their discernment. To exalt their privileges, they  ignored  my fealty. My petrous heart welcomed the acceptance, and I had to pay "The Price Of My Innocence"


Two extra hours of much needed time;
to help at home, to bond with kin,
to smile, to hug, to share a laugh,
to apologize for the fool I've been...

to catch up with that angry friend,
to go ahead and speak my part,
to drop in and say hello,
to prove the 'tin-man' has a heart...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
to read, to dance, to sing, to write,
to hang on to these little joys,
to fasten my grip and hold on tight...

to help that old man cross the road,
to invite him in for a cup of tea,
to read street kids a fairytale,
to show them a world they'd love to see...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
to say 'i love you' to my dad,
to hug my mom and speak my heart,
to open up like i never had...

to thank the almighty for his grace;
to seek his care and blessings divine,
to pray to him to show the way,
to hope he makes it all go fine...

to pause and play the times gone by,
to introspect and talk to life,
to forgive, forget and make am-mends,
to try and resolve …


Closer to the end of a 365 days journey throughout this land of Allah.. with a conclusion in mind: "Wa la Galiba illallah," - There is no victor but God (Allah)

Taken at Aswan, Egypt.

Reflection of the past illuminates our present. Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!


It’s been a long time I knew that I’m a right brained. Ever since I’m in Elementary, Math is something I avoided most. Let say, I run it as a duty more than something I’ve learned peacefully. Been in this campus, I found out that, probably, my brain’s work has moved a bit to the left. A bit. People said a right brained is creative and full of ideas. But let’s also notice that we, the right brained, are easily distracted since we’re full of imagination. For me myself, at this situation where exams waiting and concentration is a must, it’s kinda distracting. Just wonder you must stop studying or doing anything serious enough every an hour and doing something else, or else you’ll lose enthusiasm. I’m doing it right now, honestly, writing this article instead of studying Antenna. But well, what is right brained and left brained? As we know, our brain is divided into four main part: cerebrum, cerebellum, limbic system, and brain stem. The cerebrum or cortex is the largest part of the…

LOVE YOU.... HATE YOU...!!!!

i love the time we spend together..
the way you smile with twinkling eyes...
i hate the fact we are apart..

i love your bright and sparking smile..
the fragrance of your perfume in air...
i hate when we don't talk...
and we end up in fights..

with you..i never want to part..
i love you with ever fiber in me..
i hate you for what you do to my heart..
because with you...i am the best i can be..
but even though i hate you so..
i love you more than you will ever know...


You, your gestures, expression, body language, way of speaking, of answering, of reacting, the way you dress, wear an outfit of blue and white, carry yourself, your shoes going with the dress, umm really, the direction in which your eyes wander, the way you stare, try to avoid contact, shudder away, yelling no with your actions, the way you eat, and drink, spit stuff out, the way you trip over, hold yourself back, the way you smile, giggle, laugh on not-so-funny-jokes, just for the sake of it, the way you feel better in someone's company, at ease, like home, no more lost, or confused, or frustrated, the way you start caring, living life to the fullest again, smiling not with the lips but with the heart, texting late night, refilling your phone with the message card every now and then, the way you feel the need of being in touch, the way you find friends out of the lot, stick to them all the time, try to know them better, telling them about yourself, the way you create me…


There are always a couple of people in your life who'll ALWAYS be there for you, no matter how long you guys haven't talked for. That's a beautiful feeling, trust me. It has the kind of depth that a lot of people won't be able to understand. It's a very strange kind of bond, when both of you are drowned in work and you're not able to talk for weeks, but the other person is still always there in your mind and you're on his/her. Every single second. You know from the core of your heart that if you need help, they'll be the people you'll run to. And no I'm not in love haha, and I'm not trying to undervalue the part communication plays in a relationship as well.

It's just that I have been in a strange drift from the last couple of weeks. Lots of pressure and lot of frustration, because of which i haven't had the time to talk to a lot of people and I've been missing them like anything. But a couple of these people i can actually feel …


This Is Not My Work.. Came Across In A Social-Networking Site.. And Personally That I Don Like Much Of IT Companies, I Thought I Should Post In Here :) No Offenses Meant :)


hire a lion... ask him to stay for late nights but give him no work to do.

give him gobi 65 to eat again and again.

hire 100 more lions but do not increase the space to sit

give them same gobi 65 to eat

hire 200 more....... and more .......

TCS method:

hire a lion

give him hell a lot of work and pay him government salary

lion dies of hunger and frustration

Accenture Method:

Hire a lion....

Send him to chennai

Ask him to stay on bench for a long time

Ask him to eat idli,Dosa and Vada

No hindi, kannada or no other languages speaking ppl other than 

No good food, No water.

And say him "Go Ahead be a Tiger".

Lion dies in confusion he is Tiger or lion......

IBM's metbod:

hire a lion, give him a pink slip in an hour ...

he dies of unemployment...



Dear God,

You know my mummy ? My mummy very buaeitfulbaeutifull beautiful. This spelling correct ?
But she trouble me lots. She force me to eat food I not like. She beat me when I no eat. She also force me to drink milk *yuck*. She always troubling me. I cry and go to my secret room every time she hit me. Why she do like that ?

But she also love me. She holding my hand tightly every time we go outing. She giving me chocolate to eat when I come first in my class. She also giving me a tight hug when I cry in my secret room.
I love my mummy alot. God, please take bad part of mummy, then I also happy. Mummy also happy. Everybody happy.
Will you also give me lots of choclats chocolates and holidays so I can play with my friends ?

saamu ( This what me mummy call me.. yuck.. make she forget this pleese please)

This post may be a cliched one. But it is the voice of a 5 year old kiddie who writes a letter to God. We all wish for something or the other that we want God to fulfill for us…


Beauty is more often treated as something which is related to physical aspect of a person. For me real beauty is in that every moment which involves a woman because she was, she is and she will always be the reason for our existence and our lives. Every women in this world lives with a beauty her entire life, however neither does she nor anybody else realizes it. In short the life of a women is what real beauty is!

Real beauty is that moment when a little cute girl wearing a pink frock calls her daddy out in the most adorable way possible. It's that moment when that little girl wants to get wet in the rain and her mother goes with her in spite of having some temperature.

Real beauty is that moment when that little one grows up a little and when her elder brother is busy playing cricket with his friends, she's busy looking after her father when he's ill. That care is her beauty.

Real beauty is when a girl falls in love and unlike any other living devotes hersel…


Well everyone has haters in their life, but it seems I just can't get rid of them. I have no clue, why do they hate me so much. I have never done anything wrong with them, never made plans against them like they do.. I mean to say I never did anything that makes me stand in the negative limelight!
I still remember the first day of my 8th grade, when I shifted here, I was back from KSA. The minute I entered the class, I was surrounded with cold vibes. On that day, I realized, I  ain't gonna have a good year ahead and that so happened. 10th grade was the worst year of my school life! I used to be that type of a girl sitting at the corner all alone crying to herself with no one to care. I had, no I still have  group of mean girls who used to hate me, still hate me and will continue to hate me.. The reason: I have no clue! So, back to the story, those girls always used to back bitch about me and act all sweet in front of me, they made a mock out of me.They were/are really…


Life is not easy a game, you crave for love, care and fame... It’s nothing but running a rat race struggling in crowd to identify your face... Every instant proving your potential time passes in framing your credentials... Unknown of the multiple phase transitions, you undergo life plays a clever game without letting you know... All you end up is a transformational identity either for good or worse, time shall spell... As you realize, you have already lost those moments in plight of running and winning the game... But, in this game you’d missed the essence of life:  You live once, you love once and this life comes once... Then, what are you running for? What are you trying to win over? Race is not what you want to win, battle is within you, with your aspirations... Listen to your heart, value your charm Give it new doors, then see all wishes shall be yours....


Here Are Some Of The Things I Learned In Life....
That No Matter How Good A Person Can Be, Sometimes They Will Hurt You... -And Because Of This We Must Forgive!!! :)
That It Takes Years To Build Trust -But Only Seconds To Destroy It.....
That We Don't Have To Change Friends -If We Understand That Friends Change... :)
That The Circumstances And The Environments We Live In Influence Our Lives.. -But We Are The Ones That Are Responsible For Ourselves... :)
That You Have To Control Your Acts.... -Or Else They Will control You...
That There Are People Who Love Us.... -But Simply Don't Know How To Show... :)
That Sometimes The Person Who Hurts You And Makes You Fall... -Is The Only One Who Helps You Get On Your Feet .... ;) :)

That You Shouldn't Tell A Child That Dreams Are Fake....
-It Would Be A Tragedy If They Knew :)

That Its Not Always Enough To Be Forgiven By Someone.... -In Most Cases You Have To Forgive Yourselves First... :)
That No Matter How Many Pieces Your Heart Is Broken..... -The Wo…


To All The People....
Who Have Got Their Guy/Girl... And Does not Know How To Keep Up Their Magic :)
Soo.... Finally Dispelling all Uncertainties... Worries... And Fulfilling Your cherished dreams... You get Your soulmate...
Dedicated to my SINGLE Friends.... This One Is Definitely For You Dude :)
Congratulations!!! :) :) (P:S U Donno How Lucky U Are !!! ;) )
So Next The Biggest Thing For Every guy is... How Do I Prove that When I Promised her.. I Meant it.... When I said That She Would Be Happy I Meant That I Had Jubilance In Store For her... In My Heart In My Life.... :)
1.In The Initial stages Of your Commitment, It Wouldn't be a big problem... You guys are new to each other... and are ready to experiment your relation... So You talk and chat about each others interest, life, family.. And What Not?! ( Remember guys... If You Are Not Meant To Be Together, Girls Find It Out At This Stage.... :) Thus Most Break-ups Happen At This Stage )
2. The Next thing... Getting actually c…


Dear 2011,

Just after a week you would come to an end... So this is a wee note to say goodbye. I enjoyed every minute with you, you were the year I got my nerve back, my confidence donned a bonnet and started to dance, on the inside mostly, but dancing none the less. I had many adventures, saw so many new places and took chances, not all of it worked out how I would have liked, but what do you know, I'm still standing.

I hate to replace you, but 2012 is just around the corner, tempting me and trying to steal me away like a new best friend in the playground. But before we part, it's important to me that you know you are special, of all the years in recent memory, you are my favorite. You got me writing, traveling and taking chances again and for that, you will be forever treasured.

Mostly, you really taught me to not look back, to always look forward and so, I say adieu...

Yours sincerely,
Me :)