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                     GENEROUS SHOWER UNLEASHED.
                               AH! IT RAINED AGAIN.

                                  ECSTASY SETTLE WITHIN,
                                      DULCETLING TO LIFE  

                       TO ANOTHER LAND, MESSAGE THEM
                                        PURE ONSET OF RAIN!

No hidden fact I love rains alot... dedicated purely to that joy which rains fill in me :)

This haiku is written for Haiku Heights and the prompt for today's September challenge is "RAIN."


                                        TRULY DIVINE ARE
                                          PEARLS OF RAIN!

Its raining beautifully in my reign of earth! I couldn't think anything beyond the rain when saw the prompt divine...
Rains in Muslim mythology marks the showering of blessings, apart from that the first thing it tickles in me is "undefinable amount of excitement."
the divinely organization of nature is of course admirable and in every way inspiring the balance it bestows on us... TRULY DIVINE!

The scent of earth is enormously effective or say magical for sinuous patients ( Today learned at collage! ^_^)

Have a blessed and enjoyable RAIN!

The haiku is written for Haiku Heights the prompt for today's September heights is "DIVINE"


She wore the stars on her hand and she wore the sky on her sleeves and she wore The wind in her hair while the evening breeze wound 'round her hand like a emblem of love and she walked and she walked and she walked
She's alive, she's alive, she's alive she wore her dreams broken, she wore her dreams whole love-bites of her life on her skin and her soul and she stood in the haze of the dimming days but she's alive, she's alive, she's alive you can find her and tell her that she is a dream the most beautiful silence that you've ever seen and your roses will wilt and your roses will bloom and she'll live all the days in between because she's alive, she's alive, she's alive
And you can write her down so she is read again and again because i will tell you how she wore her pain: she wore the stars on her hand and she wore the sky on her sleeves and she wore the wind in her hair while the evening breeze wound 'round her hand like a emblem of love and she walk…


Love is a funny thing. You expect it to be easy. You expect it to be a world of roses and laughs and perfect moments that you find only in movies. You expect her to always say the right thing, and always know exactly how you feel, or exactly how to react to it. You expect her to calm you down when you’re yelling or to chase you when you run away. You expect so much that you feel entirely, utterly defeated when something doesn't exactly match up with all your plans. But that’s the thing. Love isn’t a plan. It doesn’t have a certain beginning and it certainly has no end or visible finish line to those deeply in it.

Love is so incredibly messy. People around you can’t comprehend why you do the things you do, or why you fight so hard for something that seems to cause you so much pain, because simply, they can’t see. They can’t see the invisible ring of insanity that surrounds you when you’re in love. It’s inconvenient and painful and devastating at times, but we can’t live…


I don't spend enough time doing the things I should do. I am stuck somewhere between responsibility and dreams. I want to live life intensely, loudly, poetically. Instead I am walled off. Hidden behind of veil of strength and propriety.
Am I broken? Am I healing? Am I incapable of intensity? Have I lost my passion? Have I just become too strong? An impenetrable fortress? Am I worried about what others will think? Am I afraid of reflection? Of rejection? Am I afraid of what I will find if I dig deeper?
 I am afraid that I will be misunderstood. Rejected. Pushed aside for not being what is expected, undesired. It is scary to put your soul out there. I am in awe of those who are able to find the words, the brush strokes, the lens view, to truly show their view of the world, their soul, their inner most person.
I don't let that part of me out very often. I want to be brave enough to live without that fear of the rain.

I sit and watch as the rain falls  from a sky so dark…


                       Each phase shows of mine,
                                Unique story!

      No shine of my own,
              Not fake even,what charm seen to
                         Intimate worlds heart!

A moon as we all know has no shine of its own yet a unique reflection.. A unique phase with each growing night.. Why don't we look upon the mechanism exhibited by nature and immerse it in our lives too? why don't we grab the light of hardship to make a unique shine of our own...
to which the world look and get inspired loved ones find solace in our shine...

The name Maharukh means "A person with a face of moon", but does a moon has one face? no it changes from time to time and has uniqueness of its own... I wish to ponder within the meaning and reflect my life with the mechanism of nature...

The haiku was written for September challenge by Haiku Heights for the prompt today "MOON"


                      Once upon a time I heard
         That the flying moon was a Phoenix bird;
              Thus she sails through windy skies,
              Thus in the willow’s arms she lies;
            Turn to the East or turn to the West
             In many trees she makes her nest.
              When she’s but a pearly thread
             Look among birch leaves overhead;
                                  When she dies in yellow smoke
                Look in a thunder-smitten oak;
             But in May when the moon is full,
            Bright as water and white as wool,
              Look for her where she loves to be,
               Asleep in a high magnolia tree.


   Settling reality
                   meadows mean nothing lately
                        loneliness hurts!

    air so void
                     without your scent!
                          now it hurts!!! 

  Loneliness is the most fatal disease I have faced so far and mostly fatal when the you are addicted to that person...   People who occupy a major part of my heart are away always from me...
the emptiness which makes your heart ache and tear down into bits! the new morning willing to rise only if they are around...  surrounding dark and still hoping to find light.. still waiting for them to come...

Time and again I have dealt with it and so far haven't a cure for it... Hope there is some..! :(

The haiku was written for September challenge by HAIKU HEIGHTS and the prompt today is "LONELINESS!"



Colors fascinate me a lot.. every color like narrating a story of its own the change in them from one level to another describing life as it is...
A beautiful gift of nature, Rainbow! 
Its another change of atmosphere after a rain... symbolize life for me.. :)

This haiku was written for September challenge by haiku heights and the prompt today was "COLORS"


                           ABOVE THE DRAWBRIDGE I SEE
                                A SCENIC MORNING!

Everyday has a new set of opportunities waiting for us, open your vision and look through the barrier a whole new sky waiting to embrace your life!
The haiku was written for September challenge at Haiku heights And the prompt was "drawbridge"


   Like crops early mowed down,
                              exposure to emotions                             at this very green age!

After a long time back at blogger, life has changed alot now... :)
One thing which everyone can notice is, hearts so young are going through alot these days.. Heartbreaks, separation, guilt, anger, disappointment, regret, failure and the list goes on and on... 
The world has so much to offer and so much to take back... It does not even wait to recover from feelings at times throws something else :)
I thank to everyone who has been supportive right from the start to me.. I respect all my followers and I hope I keep writing regularly now...
This post is for HAIKU HEIGHTS the prompt this week is "GREEN."


       Rays of joy, splendid!                       Touch the soul, enrich my life.                             vital bonds of friends!                        Like sunlight to trees                           silently nourish my life                              A vital treasure!

There is no reason to celebrate friendship! The only relation in our life which is chosen by us... The people which for no reason shower the most expensive thing in life on us.. LOVE! Silently give support and stand by us. :)  To be thankful for such relations is the one way we can express our gratitude.. :)
This haiku are written for HAIKU HEIGHTS the prompt for this week is VITAL


  I think about,
                                     Things pure and true                                         this cruel world!

  Strange world we reside,                           bask in truth and forgivesness                                 weapons to survive!
 Life always has concealed faces, the only way we an survive here is by seeking the truth always in times of hardships and by forgetting the pain it has given us on various steps.. Smile over and move on every morning embracing life.. the only way to survive in this cruel world I discovered.
The haiku were written for HAIKU HEIGHTS the prompt this week is TRUE :)    


                                           I PROBE LIFE                                    CARE, LOVE, DEVOTION,                                         CLOAKED SUPPORT?
                                      SUPPORT OF FATHER,                                NURTURES, BUILD  KID FOR LIFE.                                      ISN'T THAT SUPPORT?
                                                  MOTHERS, LAP                                          SUPPORT SILENTLY,                                              REGAIN JOY!

                                 LIFE'S ENDLESS TORMENTS!                              AWAITS OUTLANDISH SUPPORT                                    TO HEARTS THAT HANKER.
                                           TRAUMAS GAINED                               ACHES STILL FRESH! AWAIT                                                                        THAT SUPPORT!! 

                                          LOVE RELATIONS NEAR!!!                                 YET, SOUL …


                                  ACHES SHAKE MY TASTE BUDS!                                 PRICELESS! ABSOLUTE JAW GAIN, :)                                       UPSURGED WISDOM TOOTH!!

I was very excited always about the fact of wisdom tooth's arrival :) when suddenly now they have started erupting I realize there's alot of pain.. Surely NO pain No gain :)

    WITH AGE COMES WISDOM                            LESSONS LEARNT FROM LIFE, SCENIC!                                   AMEND US MANY WAYS :)

A famous saying yet so true how ever immature a person looks like it just a way he or she might have accepted the trails of life.. Change is the constant thing, life gifts us every now and then.. :)  

The above haiku are written for HAIKU HEIGHTS the prompt this  week is WISDOM


                            Clinging on the trees,                 birds murmured sweet melodies,                           ah! taken by rains!

When I read the words I couldn't help but imagine birds chirping in rains with joy, scent of earth surrounding all around... little kids splashing water and swirling in joy... precious sights which are locked in memories for lifetime :)
First attempt to the Three word Wednesday and the words were Cling, murmur, taken :)


                       The mundane questions,                        Tickle the curious mind.                             Nosy kid within...
                       Naively switch world,                      into congruent state, no                          ordinary change!!!  

Sometimes the questions which evolve in our brains change the entire definitions of our lives sometimes they cling for a long time and when the answers are revealed we see ourselves standing in a whole new position... Life makes us ask inquisitive questions on almost everything now and then, sometimes I feel my purpose is to fine the answers of questions on my existence over the years my curious mind has asked me... :)  Still ask questions, they never stop... always has a change with them :)  ORDINARY OR EXTRAORDINARY!!!!
The post was written for haiku heights the prompt for this week is "ORDINARY"


A silhouette of mine I find,
                            tip toe-ing behind,                            innocence of her...                           fills joyous tears!!! 
                       MY LIL SIS, BAREERA :)

                              A silent prayer of mine,                               came true with time,                         eternal friendship bonds,                               have I finally found,                               care, love and joy,                          with many naughty ploys :)

   A place so secure 
                        can stay if even I demure                          forever mine for sure                        even if its friends of amour                       gives me joy, I am assured....
              SHOULDERS I RELY ON :)

These are the things which struck my mind whenever I think of joy.. :) bareera my lil sister whose presence can make me float with joy, both my best friends faraz and junaid... …


  Only in our dreams                                  There are no boundaries                                    No tragedy, no time rims                               There are love filled melodies
  Where arms locked in embrace                                 Never letting loneliness cling                                  Distances not even far the furnace                                  Ignited touches are ardor flings 
   Only in our dreams                                I am yours, no one else around                                           Love Gleams                           beautiful memories surround!
Melodies makes the air too hum                                            and fields dance in sync                                    Every look makes the love brim                            and you present me with again a RING!
                          Joyous heart again skips a beat and ask,                         Why yet another ring have you brought                                 Naugh…


Only in our dreams, are huge heaps of ice creams...!
All my friends unite, and memories again ignite. laughter accompanies non stop, craziness also remains on top!
Several Ideas of fun, never flop! Even dead lines never ticktock!
Only in our dreams, Good times never perished, failures are also cherished. great lovers exist,
True love still persist. values are kept for lives, and faces aren't veiled by lies.. 
Humanity dwell in each heart. sweet melodies has the air brought! never are Love's drought, cause love is equally sought!
Smiles are flourished as gifts seem, happiness is like rainbow beam! No negativity does there seem. Only in our dreams!!!!

The poem was written for Carry on Tuesday for the prompt, "Only in our dreams!" 
P.S- The poem was accidentally written, I still don't believe I could write such!


heart exults, tears run along cheek, endless bliss!!
engulf me in your ardor, her eyes twinkled!!!

can he span again??? hearts still held the immortal love for each other..
commiseration, at-last found supreme rest in your perfect embrace!
teary,joyous eyes pray with out a sound, to LOCK moments forever!

Lock away the sorrow, which dwelled in secluded times, Lock souls in love now.
lock away, loneliness is over only love now!
lock now, the moments we held composed... lets freeze it!
he said nothing yet she understood, memories spun in single moment...
P.S- tooo huggilicious today :9 missing my dear friends my best friends alot whose hugs are the safest place for me :) If you are reading this I am sure you can understand it :) LOVE YOU ALL :*:* 
P.P.S- This set of haiku, which are my longest till date were written for haiku heights, the promt given this week was LOCK !:)