I wana fly up in the sky, Far away from worldly dusk.
Where light gleams and star twinkles, Day and night.
Where there is no place for sorrow, World is full of joy.

Where river of peace flow, Sunlight spread forgiveness.
Birds chirp love songs, Soothing air purifies your soul.
Nothing seems to exists but sky stretches to eternity,
No fear of past, No worries of future, men live life to lees.

If life was a lemon drink, I would lick it till last drop.
If Life was a sweet dream, I would never open my eyes.
If Life was a journey, I would never stop walking.
Life is to live for, I will live for every moment till I can.

If life is a song, Sing it peacefully.
If life is a game, Play till the end.
If life is a gamble, Hold your cards.
Whatever life is, give your best you can.

Don’t ever run your will, Never think to kill you desire.
‘coz it is one life ahead, Which will never come back again.
Obstacles may come your way, But face them with smiles.
Nothing is there you can’t have, you just need the desire.

Nothing is like hell or heaven, it’s you what you make of it
If it’s Hell one day, Heaven the very next moment.
This is the naughtiness of life, you can never imagine.
Whatever name you give, Its one and last time you live.

Life is a mystery unfolded, Life is a story untold
It may make you smile, It may makes you cry.
It takes you to height, and it shows you the ground.
It is a funny joke, and a tragic story all in one.

Sometime its beautiful day, Sometime its moonless night.
Each day a new, with a new hope and a new beginning
Life is to live, Before it ends, I wana fly up in the sky.


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