This is one of those moment in my life that I feel like burying myself under the blanket for a little longer,this is one of the moment that i want to lock myself in the room where dark brown curtains can't stop staring at me and this is one of the moments that i don't need an alarm clock to wake me up simply because i just don't sleep and this is EXACTLY one of the moments that I play ignorant game with the beautiful sunshine outside my window pane,refusing to attend to their warm calling and instead letting the darkness to heal my soul.

They are hurting me with their blunt words,yes the kind of words they don't think before they speak,the kind of words that would instantly bring me to pieces. Why they have to this thing to me when I have been all supportive to them all this while,how could they have the heart to say those things right in front of my face?How can they turn cold to me when all this while I have been their shoulder to cry?I am tired of their accusation,they should get out of my life or else I have to walk away from theirs,either one should happen but hope always there,whispering another chance,asking me to hold one because sometimes holding on is better than letting go..I should fight a little harder and I should wait a little longer,because this bond is for ages,shouldn't be tear off in just seconds..

Yes,some words should never left unsaid but some words shouldn't be said at all...

Maybe this moment is the ending of that short beginning...maybe

P.S:I guess I just need a cup of coffee..and some ice-creams as well..(bad combination,i know)


  1. If you don't mind, who are "they" here?

  2. "they" here are the close ones whom we trust and whose words matter.. :) applies to every person but varied of each one.. :)

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