Nothing Compares to the "WORLD FAMOUS CHASE!!!"

The cops chasing the wicked scoundrels, the hunter chasing the deer, the farmer chasing the hens away; all these chases ultimately have a violent and tragic ending. 
But, nothing on earth can beat the chase that seems endless and yet has an end, the rivalry that appears to be too brutal and sadistic but wraps up on a friendly note, the notorious race that brings no tears but only cheers us up. 
Yes! am referring to the worst foes and the best buddies; the world famous 'Tom and Jerry show !'. I bet no one will disagree with me when I say that 'Tom and Jerry Show' is the ultimate stress buster.

Over the years, I have inculcated this very bad habit of sitting with my lunch infront of the television set, switched onto Cartoon Network. Fortunately, the afternoon hours have always been devoted to my favourite show. All I would end up doing was spending over an hour, nibbling as lazily as a sloth and laughing as excitedly as if I was Jerry the Mouse. Surprisingly, even after giggling for almost years a score, there has been no alteration in the amusement that they create.

This laughter riot from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer warehouse is undoubtedly one of the best cartoons ever created. The most fascinating part of this entire series is that these two highly charming characters are absolute entertainers in their own right. They do not need any villain to create a thrilling moment. They are highly proficient in brilliantly crafting those breathtaking moments. They do not demand any policeman to create suspense. They have their own exceptonal ways to keep you glued to your television sets. Most importantly, they never call for any otherworldly ghosts to frighten you for their own devious plans are lavish enough to scare the hell out of you!

At times, the show definitely brings out the cruel side of you when you unconsciously keep on supporting Jerry the Mouse, regardless of all the mischief and havoc he causes. Everytime Jerry ruins the painstaking plans of Tom the cat, the child within you cheers for Jerry without any bit of sympathy for Tom. There is one distinct lesson that Tom gives us throughout the series. It is 'Try, try and keep trying till you succeed'. Though the poor cat hardly tastes success and all thanks to the clever Mouse. The show certainly is the best humorous portrayal of 'Violence At Its Best !' where you see Jerry shredding Tom into millions of pieces, Jerry inserting Tom's tail into the electric socket, Tom employing almost every possible brutal instrument like bullets, poison and even dynamites to kill Jerry. The show has been criticized for its excessively gory nature but still is loved by one and all across the world.

Keeping aside all the mayhem and destruction caused throughout the starting fifteen minutes of the show, what stands out at the end is the 'Genuine Friendship' that exists between the Cat and the Mouse. Definitely, they are 'Friends Forever', who cannot survive without fighting with each other,yet enjoying the company of one another. One cannot imagine Jerry without Tom and Tom without Jerry. This is the depth of their bond which makes them stick together after all the revengeful bloodshed. 
Cheers to the ultimate fighters of the century..'The Tom and Jerry Show' rocks !


  1. Undoubtedly!!! :) :) :)
    I can't imagine anybody not liking this cartoon series! Absolutely THE BEST! :)

  2. its is... :) :) :) :)
    acha, as ur my senior in very case :) how is the writing???

  3. umm I don't think I am capable of commenting on anybody's writing yet. I can say I like yours. Captivating and thought-provoking. :)

  4. dont u be too modest u can remark if not good.. :) ur welcome everytime.. :) :) :) how are the changes??? i meant layout..

  5. ok :)
    It's good. I like the "daily dose of mysteries". My area of interest (supernatural and mysterious etc)... :)
    Where do I find it?

  6. oh that.. gadgets.. other gadgets actually.. yeah its mine too.. :)


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