Saturday, September 24, 2011


Now this ain't any attempted poem, read it as a flowchart, without arrows. It flows top down and then iterates.

Curious Child

Gets a toy

Is curious about it

Toys with it

Is Fascinated

Is obsessed

Toys a bit more

Examines every dimension

Is obsessed all the more

Finally, has nothing more to explore

Leaves the toy

Discards it.

Watches as other little child comes closer, curious.


Lets him have it

Watches him have the same fun he had

Then some more, he watches unperturbed

But then...

The new child has new tricks

And the toy is doing them

The new child is obsessed

The old child wants the toy back

The new child is unaware

The old child cannot take it any longer

The new child resists

The old child snatches

Toy breaks

The new child cries

The old boy feels loss, does not cry

Back to square one.
P.S-i wrote something else.. my manager said it after reading it, i can give out a bit more than one poem in it :) so here we are! :) :)

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