People pull you down to your knees. They make you feel tarnished. Unclean.
They do not give you even what you’d call a ray of Hope.
They reprimand you. Scold you. Humiliate you, till you sink so low that it would be an impossibility to rise up again.
They tell you that you can never be clean again. That you can never get back your sense of honor and Izzath again.
They tell you that you are worth nothing. That you have nothing more to live for. That you are the worst of creations possible.
Your heart becomes heavy with the pain of having faltered. You want to change, but you are submerged in humiliation and a loss of honor.
You want to tell them that, people slip. That they fall down at times, because nobody is perfect.
You wish to cry, to go back, to rip your heart out and say “Give me one more chance!”
And what makes you think that people will give you that chance?
They won’t.
And you don’t need them to give it to you.
The only One you need to prove yourself to, is to Your Lord. Who created you. Who gave you life. Who watches you day and night.
The only hope we can ever have is in the remembrance of Our Creator.
He is the Oft-Forgiving. The Most Merciful.
He is the One Who loves to Pardon.
He is the One who accepts sincere Repentance.
He loves it when his slaves return to him in a state of humility and in repentance. And He will forgive them if they are sincere. Even if their sins are as high as the sky. Even if their sins are like the foam of the sea.
As long as tears of repentance still flow from their eyes.
The ones who are doomed are only the most wretched of creations.
For those who even have a tiny sense of regret and whose hearts bleed thinking of the wrongs committed against themselves, and want to change for the better, there is still infinite hope.
The fall would bring you closer to Allah, because you constantly think about it, feel bad about it, and you end up bowing down in utmost submission, crying and asking for Pardon.
And who loves to Pardon, other that Allah, the Most High?
“ Allahumma Innaka Afww’un, Tuhibbul Afw’ Fa’fwu Anni”
“O Allah, You are the Pardoner, and you Love to Pardon, so Pardon me.”

Pardoning means to erase off the sin, to remove it from our record, like it never was there.
Forgiveness is to conceal or hide the sin, even though it will appear in our records.
Once a man came to the mosque of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) complaining about his sins. The man was so overcome and saddened by his sins that the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said to him, “Say this: “O God, Your forgiveness is greater than my sins, and my hope in Your Mercy is greater to me than my (evil) actions.”
The man said this and the Prophet said to him, “Say it again.” The man repeated it. Then the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said to him, “Arise, for God has forgiven you.”
What more Hope do we need?
When people drag you down, know that Your Lord wishes to purify you. He loves His creation and His Mercy encompasses everything.
Arise. Have hope. Repent. Weep and flow your tears. Beg for His Mercy and Pardon.
He will Pardon you.


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