Friday, August 19, 2011


"When someone dies it is normal to feel some grief at the sense of loss. And that's the point. We grieve because we have lost the future benefit of how that person made us feel and how our egos always benefited from that. A man says, "I grieve deeply because I feel deeply." Sounds good but it is the ego talking. When you lose the ego stroking that the deceased provided your ego, feels a sense of loss because the ego exists in the past and future. To stay in the present without creating scenarios of loneliness without the loved one, is to grieve minimally realizing that death is part of life and a transition, not an end. Detach with love and accept what is, and the grieving will take on a more real dimension. "  
"How do I deal with my grief, immeasurable beyond belief? Then again, I'm feeling fine. Man may be mortal, but God is divine." 

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