Can you believe it? He says,
And smiles sheepishly.
Narrating to me an incident,
I look back and smile,
Not because of the incident,
But seeing the gleam in his eye.
The eyes had school boy innocence,
I could look into them for hours
And not flutter my eyes even once.
As he drives, paying attention to the road,
I steal glances at him,
Hoping he wouldn’t catch me red handed
Whoever said loves leads to insomnia,
Must have been on sleeping pills,
Because that was the case with me!
As much I was treasuring my time with him,
I would wish the time to stand still.
Even though the sun was high up in the sky,
The sun of this moment was about to set soon.
I wish this moment had just started,
A prayer of hope against hope,
As the car stops,
The engine goes off
The beauty of the silence is broken
By rain drops on the car,
Millions of rain drops,
Chatting with each other
As the gods above,
Clash their challis, causing thunderstorm
I look at him and say
‘This is it’, and bid adieu
And just before I go out,
I look back,
For that one school boy smile,
Those innocent eyes
Just one last time,
One last hug,
One last good bye,
One last promise,
Mercy god, one last moment.
Take care, he says,
I was hoping you would, I say to myself,
You too, I say
I walk out, destiny I say,
We were never meant to be,
As my footsteps match the rhythm of the rain drops,
I re-quote the quote,
I love walking in the rain, coz no one can see me crying.


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