Father Never Understood...

Is it too painful to be true?
I just hugged my wings and flew...
Flew away to my own world
I walked away silently without a word
I looked into my father's eyes for the last time
He let me go and that's his crime
"Why daddy? Why didn't you care?"
"Do you see that life is not fair?"
Mother is sitting next to you crying her eyes out
you are the one she can't be without
why don't you calm down and try to understand
I'm drowning in my regrets; can you give me a hand? Well I think life is nothing more than pain
And the problem is that we can't complain Please just let me explain
I'm seeing your reflection in the mirror in front of me
the chains are hugging me, I guess I can't be free
"Is this is the last time I close my eyes?"
I think I deserve it because I believed all of your lies
you lied to me and you were good
you just yelled at me and never understood
"Right father? Why don't you just admit it?"
You are just afraid of crossing the limit
Well, sorry to tell you that but its too late
Now I'm all alone with no fate
Even death doesn't want me
I still don't know what's wrong with me
My hidden feelings are just too real
Pain is all my soul can feel
"what did I do to deserve this?"
"Could you be a little more careless?"
Now after I committed suicide
You can know why I just lied
Now I'm stuck in my own grave
I'm the girl who you wanted to save
But you missed your chance, that's too bad
Do you believe me now or you're just too mad
I'm nothing but ashes, I'm nothing but dust
Go and apologize maybe it will work out
Uh your so mean, sorry I forgot that
So now what will you do?
You Can't escape life...its just too true
I wish I even had a life
Don't you dare and leave your wife
Don't leave her with that knife in her soul
You will come back later and try to reach the hole
"But what happens if you fall?"
It's not her fault that you didn't call
so I guess that's it, it's the end of my dream
"Why do you shout...why do you scream?"
Maybe you will appreciate life when you lose it
I lost my life because I just didn't fit in
I have always been different from the others
Now they are all books with their covers
But my cover is lost, maybe in tears
"Could you find it for me please?"
If you find it try to close my book
but try not to take a look
there's some stories that I wrote
"No its not about you, is that what you thought?"
Its kind of private the words I say
Try to close your eyes and just pray
Maybe I will wake up in May
On this bloody floor I used to lay
Now I'm gone holding your word in my mind
I'm sorry for all the promises you couldn't find...


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