What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Is a phrase I am reminded of, when I'm caught in the middle of a crazy situation. Sometimes, no matter how happy-go-lucky sort of a person you are, life hits to you. And it is true that surviving such situation, adds another line in your palms and a 'bring it on' statement in your head.
When there are problems plaguing the personal arena, you will invest all your energies into work. You head will be full of 'Studies is my priority right now.' You will try as much to avoid home, social functions and calls on the pretext of 'I'm busy.' Secretly in your head you know your work was done long back, you just want to pretend to work so no one sees your miserable and vulnerable side. In such situations the anger element also starts reflecting more often.

But the worst of the situation is yet to be talked about. What about the days where crisis hits your personal and professional life. You went through a rough break up or fight with parents, tension at home or best friend's in trouble. Situations can be in numerous. Then of course things at college will not always be hunky dory and you are bound to go through 'Mam/sir in a bad mood'. studies not going up, not getting a rank. When both the segments of your life are in a soup, what do you do?

    Wish it was a bad dream and when you wake up it will all be fine.
    Look at your Jade lucky pendant and hope for its magic to rub off on you.
    Look at other happy people and wish that was your life.
    Wait for magic.

And then in the midst of it, think, when there is happy time, did you ever question that? Did you ever ask yourself why you deserve it? Then who gave you a right to say 'why me' now?

If you believe in it, it will happen. And as the saying goes, 'This too shall Pass.' So hang in there fellow 'deep in soup', you will learn to swim or drink the soup!


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