When you hit rock bottom in a deep sea, they say that's your signal and the only way from there is the way up. But what about the time you do not wish to swim up? What if you find your solace and comfort sitting on the bed of the sea? Maybe you have not given up on your life yet and maybe it is just where you want to be, momentarily.
It is an amazing thing created by God, the heart that is. It loves, learns, cries, forgives, hurts, and loves again. The power of endurance vested with this little blood pumping organ is just unbelievable. Even when it hurts, you can be rest assured you are normal. If your heart can be happy, it is allowed to get hurt too. But what if you belong to another category of people, where the hearts stops feeling anything. It wont be hurt, it won't hate, it is just dormant. It is numb.
So happiness will not affect it, tears brush past. Minutes, Hours, Days pass, it sits there, doing its functional job.
Is there a feeling greater than pain that puts your little organ on the threshold of committing such an act?
Then again, I choose to look up, sitting at the bedrock, and seeing the sun gleaming through the water. It is fine to sit in hibernation, as long as you like, but when you see that shark heading towards you and your heart throbs in fear, hold on to the feeling; give yourself the push and head up.
Sometimes that one feeling, even if it is fear, will make you feel alive again. Try once more, you may start feeling something.


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