It was a Friday evening, my brother, my mother and I were chatting. Just then, I realised that my gold locket was missing. I got up and checked everywhere but I could not find it. I was wondering how to disclose it, but after gathering courage I yelled that my locket was missing. I finished my sentence and a hundred questions poured on me, but I could not answer any.
My brother and mother started searching every corner of the house. I was thinking how I would face my father who was about to come home any time.At last he came. Seeing him I go very scared. The moment he saw me he asked me what the matter was. My mother told him about the lost locket. I closed my eyes ready to listen to the scolding. But I was totally wrong. Instead my father came near me and kept his hands on my shoulders and very calmly said, "Don't be sad for such small matters. You should not worry but try to face the problem. By worrying or by getting nervous you won't get it back." By seeing his tenderness I broke down to tears. I did not know how to react.
My father rubbed my tears and comforted me. Just then Omair my brother found the locket under the table. I was really over enjoyed. At this my dad said that he has earned it with a lot of hard work so it will not get lost that easily. I was moved by this.
By this incident I learned two lessons of my life. Firstly never cry over spilled milk but accept the fact. Secondly always be honest in your deed, in the long run only the honesty will glitter. We have heard and read this many times but my dad practised what others preached. He is great.
It was not the matter of one locket but that little thing changed my life to a great extent. If my father would have scolded me I would have forgotten it long back. But due to his understanding and tenderness this little incident will be evergreen in my memory.
I would like to thank god who gave me such wonderful parents whom I love and respect and would wish that in every life I get such understanding and loving parents.


  1. :) :) :)
    i totally agree with you on this.....dads are our heroes in every aspect! :) :) :)

  2. Insha allah u will. And all the DAD's are the best


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