Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Life has led to many roads,
Many crossed paths,
Some ran parallel.
The one that stood still at an intersection, brought me to you.
Time froze in the magic,
Seemed like life found a destination,
Emotions clouded the scene,
I could breathe, or was it sub conscious.
I longed to touch,
And though you seemed near,
The arms fell short of the distance.
Never fret dear, I told myself
Another day.
The warmth in the eyes,
Is what I needed to soak.
Except suddenly someone called tears were first to fill that place.
Go away I said, its not your day.
Sadly they don't obey,
I blink and you disappear.
Leaving me at the crossroads,
The directions help me with the confusion,
Perplexed, lost and deserted.
" Baby doll are you done with that gloomy poetry yet?"
I look up smile, and think to my self,
life brought me to the road where the destination is you.
All's sorted i guess!

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