Monday, January 30, 2012


                                 Standing tall and strong, he is my hero.
                            Placing my small hands into his,
                             feeling nothing could beat us.
                                   Smiling up at him,
                         Looking into my Daddy's eyes.

                    He can do anything, for he is so brave.
                          He knows how to make me laugh
                                        when I feel sad.
                          There is nothing better than
                         Looking into my Daddy's eyes.

                             I love when he dances with me,
                                  standing on his toes,
                              we move around the room
                                      While looking up
                                 into my Daddy's eyes.

                       He makes me feel big and grown,
                              taking his hands, knowing
                      nothing can hurt my Daddy and me.
                       When I am afraid, all I have to do
                            Is look into my Daddy's eyes.

                        Many years have come and gone,
                              no longer that little child,
                            still I look forward to taking
                                 my Daddy's hands
                             and looking into his eyes.

                                   Seeing in his eyes,
                                       forever I'll be
                                     Daddy's little girl.

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