I WONDER... :)

I wonder why we fail to realize the importance of being alive.
I wonder why we expect things from someone when we don't live up to their expectations.
I wonder why love comes with so much pain.
I wonder why we fall in love again despite having a heart break.
I wonder why we expect someone to change when we can't.
I wonder why we overlook simple happiness in our quest for bigger ones.
I wonder why we hang on to someone's past to decide whether to love him/her or not.
I wonder why someone's past becomes a barrier in a relationship.
I wonder why we expect a second chance from someone when we don't give it when expected.

Every time we think that we are getting used to life, life takes a turn. It's hard some times to keep expecting things to get normal. But at the end, we just have to go on. They say 'Life is a roller coaster ride', so true!


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