Wednesday, February 22, 2012


you will never know..
how much your smile lights up me...
how much your laughter fills my soul..
making all the little problems of day disappear..

You will never know..
how much it means to me..
when you do or say something
thoughtful and totally unexpected..
usually just at the moment I need it most..

You will never know..
how much pride I hold in my heart..
for the person you are and the things you do..
for your strength and your gentleness..
your courage and your determination..
your accomplishments and your dreams..

You will never know
how much I need you by my side..
in the best of times and the worst of times
and all the times in between...
It really doesn't matter where we are
or what we are doing..
as long as we are together to share it all.

P.S- this ones for the very very very special shadab i know you might be laughing after reading this, i just hope it gives u immense joy and soggy eyes( khushi ke ansu)
already missing you! 

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