Thursday, May 24, 2012


I verbalize coarse,
Its forever black or white,
acceptance denied..!

Ask me precision,
why is honestly cast off?
I never praise two faced!

Grey, never adorned,
optimist nor pessimist..
Its just black or white

Forever we are thought to speak the truth but we often face situations when the truth is unpraising and people deny it.. we here in world are bound in to categories pessimists or the optimists, what if we don't fall in any of them.. are we aliens then? we speak without calculating, either its good or bad, are we the unsocial ones then? or are we the normal not-so-diplomat people?
A thing I have been pondering upon... I speak my mind whenever I can :) I don't follow either of categories... I speak black or white!!!

The following post was written for the prompt provided by ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION


  1. interesting pshychological excercise....nice!!

  2. Very good explanation of thoughts

  3. so very true. there's this situation that it's better to be quiet and instead of creating an awkward one :-)