Saturday, May 19, 2012


How many times have we decided in life that the ordeal, misery is now going to end? I am sure many of us might never thought of this, cos the cliche that's in our head "destiny is written already!" but its never written, our strong determination, believe nurtures it lets it take the twists and turns every now and then...

But whose destiny is it? Isn't it our own... indeed yes and hence we control it.. :) might sound really stupid to many people and crazy even but its the truth when we make our minds no matter what happens nothing is bad enough cause we already have seen the baddest and don't wanna see more nothing actually bad happens... we may think it is new development of optimism in us or maybe it just becomes a firm ray of confidence in our mind that our actually stop our destiny to give us bad... everyone owns somethings... firstly, its own life and hence we have the whole control over it...

A true feeling is strong enough to twist the whole fate.. of course it is developed after a firm relationship with our almighty Allah.. and once it is established we feel it as we do all other relations... the heart is the receptor not only to blood but to every love,hatred,envy,anger and blah blah.. before saying it feels.... and hence before asking we get things which we believe we want this happens with BELIEVE!

Believe that we can do it actually might not work as a magic wand and actually make it work but at least will give us confidence to go forth and execute it... after execution we witty humans already know what the result is... so what actually matters is the path you travel the final destination is always veiled within the path and unveils at every turn... we mark our lives hopeless after a few failures, why don't we challenge the failure and start from scratch again? we cant sit and decide that whatever happens will be taken care of, the effort has to be put in by us as no one else will do it for us.. :)

BELIEVE in yourself you have the power to turn your DESTINY!

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