Sunday, May 20, 2012


Crocuses symbolizes life, lets give it a thought, like crocuses budding into a bright color are children's emerging talents, The new life arises from the marrow of its ambitions and dreams... we start relying on talents and make a whole world of dreams we posses... slowly the single color becomes the hip of the flowers as our dreams become the base of our survival, ambitions..  there comes a point when we feel Grief, perhaps it accompanies when hard work is not sufficient...
Hope gives a willing hand to open the windows of opportunities, hard work now turns to a massive amount, as the crocuses flower also transforms into a contrasting purple later! 
Heart becomes contagious of gaiety when people start clattering in praise!

the heart longs the moment to be held in stillness.... the failure becomes a beautiful secret and we see our life changed :)

Isn't life similar to a flower, fragile yet developing and being the change...? :)
                            First attempt for: Sunday whirl


  1. Flowers are very much life, aren't they? Yes, we ourselves must blossom too or, we wilt and die. We fear change and yet, change happens whether we wish it to or not.
    A lovely write to the prompt!

  2. That last bit is beautiful.


  3. Of all your very last line and question is brilliantly simple yet profound! Beautifully written poem!! :)

    1. I am happy that it laid an impact..
      thanks hannah!