Its been a long time since I opened blogger and gave it a shot... apologies to everyone who has been waiting this long to hear about metamorphosis...

 This time I have a different tale to narrate... It may help us all see the depth of relationships in our lives, last Sunday when my mommy left for her yearly visit to Riyadh I had a strange pang in my heart it was that heartache which we usually have when a dearly beloved or more than that like our mom leave us on our own and we know we aren't going to see her or the next three months or so, a kind of feeling that develops in the little heart of the bird which is pushed by her mother bird from the pampered nest to spread its wings and fly, or at least learn to fly...  I was missing her more than that was afraid for maybe unknown reasons :(

 Well it wasn't the first time she left either but I had different concerns this time, an unusual loneliness was settling in me my dearest friends whom I consider the chosen gems by allah tabaraka wataala for me are away and some uneasy memories of the past were troubling me last year when mom was away I gave it a try to make myself comfortable with the world forgetting the fact my friends and family always made a lovely comforting atmosphere around and without this atmosphere I am not gonna survive...

Last year I face hatred, envious and rueful people... or maybe I just didn't satisfy their behavioral needs or demands WHATSOEVER :)


I was quite upset and worried what if I fall weak this time too coz its been a whole year and I am still trying to throw the pure hatred and negativity from my life... those feelings were settling and emotional emptiness and tears started to dwell when suddenly my phone beeped the message tone and it was someone unknown... ;)

a part of me said I should check who this is out (I usually ignore unknown texts) and to my amazement before replying to the text I knew who she was and with a firm third reply I said her stop playing this I know its u bil (that's her nick what i kept :D)

 She was amazed as well as overwhelmed and then demanded an answer like my own asking whats wrong with me to which I answered mom left today and I am kinda lonely now... She with an affirmative tone said never feel so I am always there, and will visit soon..  That feeling, that aura reflecting pure affection for you is priceless, once in a while, in a lifetime you have this butterfly feelings in you when some one says they are with you... come what may they will fight for you with everyone, your mom, your bro, your friend and maybe your boyfriend too :) well I certainly have got three such people apart from family... and counting many other future trust worthies... :)


Her words were so soothing like a hot cup of coffee in a freezing weather... like the serene cold breeze on a warm day, like known hand in the lost crowd..saying that she was missing me i visited her dreams and since then she was trying to get in contact when she wasn't from the past four months...:) her words were blissful when she said, she now realized what a true friendship meant when she felt my pain without even being in touch with me were so magnificent so affectionate and so warmth...

The only words which come on your tongue in this situation is allhumdullila ya rehmatulalameen :)

When from years you have been asking a sister and suddenly a whole grown up sister is right there by your side you need nothing but to be thankful... whats the need of praying for them when you have such a beautiful sister already around :) ;)

Faith is what keeps you going and Hope shows you the path as they both go hand in hand :) Alhumdullila Allah has been very kind to me :) and to everyone of us in one way or other :) the faith that the future holds something good is a hope itself and keeps us going :)


This post is purely dedicated to our stupid yet the most beautiful and caring BILQUIS... I will never muster up the courage to say her what she is to me but at least this way it will be for years :)

P.S- four years of friendship and i am looking forward to many more years :) inshallah :)

P.P.S- i already consider her my choti mommy :)

P.P.P.S- we see many devastating memories in our past and fall weak, but they are worth if someone like a true friend is willing to hold your hand :) :) :)


  1. WOW!mashaAllah!you are AWESOME..<3 and am glad you found your true friend after years of hardships..Alhmdulilah..<3


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