The dictionary describes it as "the strong envious feeling" and the Wikipedia had a long story and detailed about it which by the time we end we scroll for other emotions detail called as boredom :)
The reason I took up this topic today is my own trait :) I feel myself jealous most of the times once my father said me the more you are jealous the more the person/thing means u and hence it is never as ugly feeling as people say it.. it good to be jealous.. :) as long as we keep it to ourselves no matter how much convincingly we show it to others they fail to understand and there comes the destruction :)

Starting from girls with blue eyes and ranging from being a bird,cloud,mud and so on.... I am jealous on all these things :) It does not mean I don't like these all or don't want to see them but it just shows my longing for them similarly when I see my OWN friend with someone I feel jealous that certainly does not mean I want to rip her apart or i want my friend to seeing her or blah blah :P It just means I wish I was in her place.. :) I never will be I know that now as I have realized that we really cant judge people if we never have walked in their shoes...i really would never want to cause the fact wont change I had always THE BEST shoes and I RAN the uneven road ALWAYS! some one else maybe walking the best road but never has felt the comfortableness in themselves.... 

Now the reason why jealousy got deviated to comfort ability because I personally think jealousy wont exist if we were comfortable enough :) I admit I can never be comfortable cos I always have been the restless curious soul as long I find comfort ability i am already into something else.. but who all will be reading this give it a thought were u jealous cause of your known lower strengths or cause you weren't comfortable withing yourself enough?

There are choices again, the word I hate ACCEPT and the most I love IMPROVE the choice is our to curb jealousy we can either accept the fact we are this way or either we can improvise ourselves... and be contented :)

P.S- To everyone I was jealous of/am, I am IMPROVING to be better than what you are :)
P.P.S- I love my friends and m always jealous of their other friends :):) always :)
P.P.P.S-There are many wishes of a stupid heart my varies both living and non living (clarification for being jealous of mud,bird,cloud ;D)


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