Thursday, May 24, 2012


We wake up in the morning often deciding the day ahead... our school, collages, breakfasts, the bus to board or the petrol pump which is on the way to our destination... this is common with almost all of us.. but how many us have startled from their beloved sleeps and felt MISPLACED?

Here's an exemplary situation a normal person works or studies 6 days a week but when its the holiday, he/she still gets up on his scheduled time.. this is because of the living habit developed..  this isn't misplaced this is called discipline towards the schedule :) but when the same person takes a volunteering leave cos of any medical ailments and the whole day seems empty to him/her, that feeling is called as misplaced.. we are bound to our schedules so much that even a single leave from the work/collage makes the day feel long,gloomy and obviously boring...

Another question here stumbles in my mind which is the reason i narrated the whole story is... DO WE FEEL MISPLACED WHEN WE MISS OUR NAMAZ?
we sleep often never even paying heed to fajr the fact we don't pray tahajjud is beyond explanation then, have we ever gave it a thought there is our almighty allah tabarak wa taala waiting for our repentance and is ready to grant forgiveness? have we ever waked up with the thought that we are misplaced not because we haven't reached our work station but coz we haven't offered namaz? why doesn't our days feel meaningless and gloomy when we don't pray namaz? why doesn't even a tear of shamelessness fall from our eyes when we proudly follow the worldly schedules and not the schedules we are meant to follow?

This clearly shows the weakness of our taqwa, in polishing ourselves in the face of world by aquiring high graded education brilliant jobs and a contently living we forget the main purpose of lives on earth... when we realize our last cloth will bee nothing bt just a plain rob, the last destination will be a dark pit in earth, the taqwa has no reason left but to rise again.. when the feeling of being misplaced is touching our soul and knocking it for submission, dare any sleep touch your eyes then!... When the Imaan gets strengthen beyond limits, dare any reason hold you from repentance...

Give it a thought if you already pray fajar its now time to go for tahajjud too.. there no limit of putting taqwa in practice :) there no limit for loving our creator... Maybe it is time to feel MISPLACED and lead on a path of CHANGE :)

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