Today while wandering in my yahoo inbox saw something that made me shocked as well as happy... Wow! how amazing are friendships, no bond of blood.. but still pined with souls... I realized I have walked a way to a whole new relationship.. A profound friendship.. :) allhumdullila.. now the only words that I can think of is "Rabb-bni indaka baytan fee i-jannah" (I wish to have a home with you in jannah)

Spending endless 14 hours a day seemed so easy :) Dreaming of future's, sharing baseless ideologies and of course finding appropriate date's for each other :P, in these all was budding a friendship forever.. :) From a person who hated India, I was transforming to a person who can't leave India without already starting to miss India... 
To a person whose friends said him " get a life dude!" was a person who was giving life to me :)
In that unwanted tangled stage of life we both found a forever longed friendship.. A person whose so like me but yet so different, calm and serene yet there's always fire in him (not like me I am opposite in that case :P)
when I look back now I feel wow what a beautiful phase that was, a jeweled milestone of life :) 

Grown up in the past three years with you have made me a person I never imagined I would ever be :)
I seen the world in so many ways I could just have longed for, being your friend showed me a whole new world :) ALL FISHES IN THE POND AREN'T FILTHY!

Every single day what we met was filled with gaiety... lessons of life which no classes would have taught me were taught by you :) Accepted me for who I was,picked me every time when i fell into the dark past pits... gave me your shoulder when I wanted to cry, 24/7 on call... A person who stayed awake with my sleepless nighs became my best pillow and my favorite singer, A person who always gave a patient ear to all my rants on the world... Believed in me, no matter even if the world was ready to go against me.. Held me close when I felt lost, hid me in his world when I was urging to get away from my own world, hugged me without saying anything when words failed to get a voice and emotions bottled within...who else would have done that for person with an unknown scrap at orkut?

Every phase in life is a learning stage but there are very few where we find angels like you :) 
people who walk for no reason in our lives and at an unknown point become "one of the reasons of existence"
Someone like you is always treasured and One in a zillion :)

This post is dedicated to my first Indian best friend forever Junaid ahmed shadab :) >:D<
An era of changed me, came into existence coz of you, the forever optimist and my best friend, simplest philosopher, partner and guide... love you!!!!! May these 3 years transform into many stupid and illogical years.... and we unite again on the day of Judgement :)


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