What would you do without them?  I don’t have many friends, because the fact is that we call friends to everyone and not everyone deserves the title. A friend is a person you know it won’t judge you no matter what, who will support you and understand you when even you don’t understand yourself. There are lot of definitions of friends but in my opinion we don’t need so much adjectives, friend is simple is acceptation, we look for friends because we don’t want to be alone, because even when we have boyfriends/ girlfriends and family we still need someone there who love us for different ways. There are not family but is like they are, they are not bf/gf but still love us and care about us. So friends are pretty big deal you know, I mean is good stuff. I’m glad to have someone who I can share my secrets.

But sometimes we have a friend even when we don’t know it, someone who is there and catch our back. Sometimes a friend is in our house, in the silent waiting to help us in a moment of need. Just sometimes a friend is there without calling our attention just looking us to be happy.


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