Need - A four letter word leading to so many things in this world. Everything happens for a need. Fight - need to prove that you're right, eat - need to live, smile - need to be happy, cry - need to give it off from your heart.

Everything happens for a need and in turn gives rise to a new need. A person who has money will need love, a person who has love will need some more love. The need will never satisfy.

We human beings will know it better then anybody the meaning of 'need' which makes us so selfish,self centered at times that we tend to ignore everything. We forget others are human beings too. Everybody is needy. We think about our own selves.

Even a father scolding his son for his bad performance in exams has a selfish interest at times when he says 'what will people say now ?'

We get so selfish at times that we don't realize what are we doing. Remember the last time you lied to save your skin ; I'm sure it isn't far away. It saves your for a moment but at the cost of something. Once again you betray yourself. The easiest one can do - to betray oneself.

Everything we do is for us. We don't think about others. Nobody really does.

Someday back i read about Mother Teresa's home at Pune, people donate some clothes there. I saw people who couldn't speak properly,some mentally ill, some crippled for life but still helping each other out,considerate towards each other,a nun sitting in between all of them and feeding them medicines. And i could just say one thing 'And we grudge about things'. Guys, I'm not telling you to be a saint,with so many things on our head I'm sure we can never be, but the least we can do is be considerate towards everybody forgetting about our needs, our selfish motive at times, putting our need at stake at times when we sometime see the person more needy then us. Some of you may question , what's the point ? Try doing it , the way you will feel after it will be the answer. You'll be happy with things internally but of course at a cost,at the cost of your need. You'll feel like a better person because you'll know in some way or the other you've helped the world getting a bit better..:-)

Be good, do good, be one !!


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