Thursday, March 22, 2012


Why do I?
Slump in slime,
When I know it ain’t sublime.
In whose naivety -
Do I ponder?
For whose chastity-
Do I Launder?
Why do I?
Grump in grime,
When I know it ain’t mine.

Why do I?
Agonize evading darkness,
And scalded forest flames,
Counting befallen stars,
When I know –
There is nothing,
But smoldering ashes,
That dance in the barren.

Why do I?
Yearn for valiance,
And thoughtful radiance,
Amid countless tries and revolting failures,
When I know -
There ain’t any peaches and cream,
There aint any marshmallows or chocolate,
For I had learned:
‘Like the stony endless floor,
Life is lifeless!

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