DISCLAIMER : DO NOT READ THIS. And take me seriously when I warn you.

Someone told me at one point of time, ‘Always indulge in what you love the most, because when in a state of crisis it is that passion that keeps you solvent’…
I have been religiously practicing this philosophy for a long time now. And this philosophy has helped me in ways incredible and in ways unfathomable.
The state of crisis today is that of apathy and sloth. But now has come a time when my passion, if ever there was one, is no longer alive. It no longer rekindles the flame. It no longer gives me that push to do something.  To do something worthwhile (read: worthless for the rest of the world).
Yeah , today words fail  me and I (most miserably) fail them. (It’s entirely mutual, for a change).
 There is a yawning void staring at me. Not the void that would make you feel nostalgic or emotional or any of those things, but the void that will make you feel listless.  Yes, listless. It’s one crazy void.
And it’s not even that I don’t feel like doing anything, I want to do something (To shove off this inactivity); and in fact there IS a lot to do.  I am sure there is some surge simmering inside .But what? I do not know (idk)*. And even if I had known , it would have been  a ‘to do or not to do’ situation..
Idk what I am blabbering at this moment. I am just too convoluted,…with what? idk. :D. But I cannot care less. There are no thoughts and whatever some there were have all disappeared into thin air. Now who would give me company in this languid state? idk…
I have grown peevishly indolent, blatantly ignorant and perpetually insolent (WHAT a shameful attempt to rhyme)… about the world around me, including me. You do, you do not do, I do, I do not do…who cares???  Dayum Life*! It’s so good to be   nonexistent. In fact, I am the nonexistent.

PS: You cannot blame me for this post, Courtesy : the disclaimer.  And ,Hats off to you if you managed to come this far.
*PPS : idk = I don’t know ; Dayum = Damn (I  just learnt these slangs from someone. :D)
PPPS = I wrote this in one (listless) hour. Before posting this I had typed my other account’s password for blogger password! For a moment I was like-“Dayum! idk my password!”
 Phewww…Anyway,so much for a listless talk.


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