Because 99% of the world around me thinks that me being the 'Goody two shoes' is being a big show off and that I am fake.

Because, I lose my temper very often, and end up crying, and therefore it means that whatever I say makes absolutely no sense AT all and that I am always wrong.

Because I happen to have a great boss who doesn't like working late, therefore doesn't expect me to be in office till 1 am to show the fact that I work hard- and that seems like an indulgence to certain people and they feel that I don't work 'hard enough', they forget the fact that- more often than not- I work from till late night and that does not even count as working late and therefore I don't even get the benefit of coming late the night after I have worked till wee hours.

Because I love to talk. Just generally chat up. And add to the woes, the fact that I can't let people be judgmental about the people that I am with therefore I am open to a select few and those select few don't normally have time for my 'idle chat'

Because I live in a fantasy world and believe in Happy Endings but end up being a overtly negative person.. again my arguments about where when and why are thrown outta the window!

Because I am always wrong. My reasons of doing an act are always always wrong.

Because I do not feel appreciated by the people, who I would love to hear and who I would tell me that they are proud of me.

Because it feels super yuck to not to feel loved!

But then, I guess there will always be people who will tell me down.. I just hope that those people don't include my own loved ones.

I know how hard it is to get one 'Good girl, proud of you' kind of a comment out from my parents.. All I am is a bunch of qualities which people think are a waste and that I am double faced and double standard...
But I am me.
Love me,
hate me.. as hard as I try to be the person who everyone wants to be- in the end it is ME, who should matter to you, if you love me- even with , my odd silly attitude!

P.S- relatives annoy to the core hence ended up doing something soooo irrelevant to my habits, i.e  praising myself !:(:(


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