There are always a couple of people in your life who'll ALWAYS be there for you, no matter how long you guys haven't talked for. That's a beautiful feeling, trust me. It has the kind of depth that a lot of people won't be able to understand. It's a very strange kind of bond, when both of you are drowned in work and you're not able to talk for weeks, but the other person is still always there in your mind and you're on his/her. Every single second. You know from the core of your heart that if you need help, they'll be the people you'll run to. And no I'm not in love haha, and I'm not trying to undervalue the part communication plays in a relationship as well.

It's just that I have been in a strange drift from the last couple of weeks. Lots of pressure and lot of frustration, because of which i haven't had the time to talk to a lot of people and I've been missing them like anything. But a couple of these people i can actually feel in my heart even when I'm not in contact with them. It's like when both of you are so busy with your own life, work, studies, your individual social circle but even in all that hula baloo the other person is very much a part of your life. You know what they're busy with and they understand you're commitments. It's because the feeling of having them in your life is more important then the feeling of having their time. If i would start counting the blessings in my life, i would place these people on the top of the list. I just hope they know who they are ;)
If any of you has not even a single person who fits the above criteria in your life, your life needs refurbishing. Add a little more people to it :D


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