Beauty is more often treated as something which is related to physical aspect of a person. For me real beauty is in that every moment which involves a woman because she was, she is and she will always be the reason for our existence and our lives. Every women in this world lives with a beauty her entire life, however neither does she nor anybody else realizes it. In short the life of a women is what real beauty is!

Real beauty is that moment when a little cute girl wearing a pink frock calls her daddy out in the most adorable way possible. It's that moment when that little girl wants to get wet in the rain and her mother goes with her in spite of having some temperature.

Real beauty is that moment when that little one grows up a little and when her elder brother is busy playing cricket with his friends, she's busy looking after her father when he's ill. That care is her beauty.

Real beauty is when a girl falls in love and unlike any other living devotes herself completely to just one person. That loyalty is her beauty which nobody else can possess. It's also when a girl in love blushes her heart out just on the mention of that special someone's name. That giggle, that killing look when she hides her face with her hair is the beauty.

Real beauty is that moment when this darling daughter bring accolades to her family by climbing the peaks of her career. It's that moment when she manages to be modest and dedicates all her success to her family.

Real beauty is that moment when the girl gets married and all eyes are on her. That moment when she leaves her house to lighten up a new house. It's also that moment when she wrecks her dream marriage gathering all her strength when she realizes her parents are being tortured for dowry.

Real beauty is when she treats her in-laws the same way she always treated her parents even when they don't do the same. It's that moment when she saves her dying husband by being by her side and caring for her like nobody else can.

Real beauty is when she gives birth to a new born by keeping him/her in her for 9 months, the world is sad when someone dies but only she has the power to create a human. It's that moment when she holds the new born for the first time in her hands,her own creation. Real beauty is that moment when she helps her child grow by feeding her own milk.

Real beauty is when she stays back at home and avoids a holiday because her child is not well.It’s that moment when she grabs her child close to her chest when her child is scared. It’s that moment when she makes sure that her children are never devoid of anything they want no matter what.

Real beauty is that moment when she fights with her husband for the sake of her child. It’s that moment when she stands in the way to protect her child from every body in the whole world.

Real beauty are those morals she instills in the child which only a mother can do. She forgets about her own life and lives for the child doing hundreds of silent sacrifices.

Real beauty is when she’s getting older day by day but still makes sure that her daughter looks the best. It’s when she makes sure that her son gets to choose a career he wants.

Real beauty is when celebrates her 25th marriage anniversary with her husband but still feels the same she felt 25 years back and gets ready for her husband even after so many years.

Real beauty is when her children get married and she doesn’t even get the time to sleep because she has to make sure that whatever she missed on her marriage, her children don’t miss that!

Real beauty is when she turns a grandmother and in turn a mother again and starts living her life cycle all over again for her grand children.

My mother once told me, “ A woman firstly, lives for her parents, then for her husband and then entirely for her children.” Her life is full of sacrifices and in turn she never even expects any appreciation. This silent miracle between us is a mother, a sister , a wife , girl friend , an aunt , a grandmother. By whatever name you call her out, the truth is she is everything that you always need in your life. It’s her inner strength that keeps us going. It’s her selfless dedication towards the people she’s attached to which makes everybody else’ life so beautiful. She’s able to do that because she’s the real beauty.

Truly, whoever describes beauty by a physical attribute of a woman seldom realises that – It is the whole life of a woman which is the real beauty!

This post is dedicated to all the beautiful women in my life – My mother , My sisters (future ones :) , The friends I love, My grandmother and every woman who made my life worthy is some or the other way!

                                 " It fades the magic of the rising sun,
                                   Enchanting is the life of a woman!"


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