WE ARE PERFECT. But the opposite is what we always say. Most will disagree without asking.

Anyone might tell , "Hey, are you dumb? This is an imperfect world! We are sinners! We commit mistakes! We are struggling to live each day! I have the worst family! I don't have friends.." ..and all the worsts that may define the dark side of life.

But think again, aren't we really not perfect?
Is it because you have low grades and got no job though you have a degree? Is it because you need a tummy tuck or a face lift but you don't have money to pamper yourself? Or is it because your lover for 5 years left you despite you've given everything? ..Whatever reasons you give may describe IMPERFECTION.
Imperfection is all in our minds. We only feel imperfect if we think we are.

We are perfect. Why? 'Coz we are created perfectly DUE TO OUR PURPOSE. If you believe that there's a reason behind every happening, then you must believe that you are created with a purpose. We are not here in this planet to compete and find each others' fault. We are not given life just to disappoint our own selves. We are here to learn and live according to our purpose, nothing else.

What would happen if this world is full of doctors and engineers? What will happen if we are all wealthy and rich? Who will lead if we are all leaders? Who will perform if we are all critics? We are who we are. Perfectly unique from each one.
Born naked, born human, born perfect to search each purpose of life.

Another point you may have in your mind about the robbers? the less fortunate people who sleep in the streets? Are they considered perfect too? Still, I will answer YES. They are created perfect..yet, they choose to live that kind of life. They took for granted the right direction towards their goals. You can be as poor as the beggar but earn money through hard work, and you can be a rich kid but ended in jail as a drug-addict. You can be a skinny girl and turn into a successful career woman,..or a spoiled kid that will bring disgrace to your family.

If you feel worthless, don't ask WHY..but find HOW you will serve a worthy life.
If you feel unlucky, never blame your parents, remember: genes are not lucky charms!

Don't try to be perfect, you already are.
Just utilize that ..make others feel perfect because of you.


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