Saturday, December 31, 2011


Bad is taking over me,
the ropes are loosing that were holding me.
The in-noxious bird under the prison is now feeling free,
My soul is on a floe but i can't  feel anything.
The propitious feelings are lost,
and the heart has found the Hades.
I am lost but my soul is free ,
the bird is feeling an astonishing glee.
The immoral folks killed me barbarously.
For them,
the right was wrong and the dark was bright.
I am rummaging those lost dreams,
but they are not in my sight.
Veracious present is demanding my slaughtered soul to fly,
but I am still aware of my pleading cry.
My durance is over as a stone that everyone kicked.
When i was alive,
my sombre deeds were picked for the punishment,
my benevolence was not taken into consideration.
the  'good people' gave their discernment.
To exalt their privileges,
they  ignored  my fealty.
My petrous heart welcomed the acceptance,
and I had to pay
"The Price Of My Innocence"

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