In the middle of the night,
When all fall asleep,
She whispers slowly,
Into my longing ears,
Caring that no one wakes,
Yet confirming to be audible,
And then waiting for a response.

But I remain silent,

Just to hear her speak,
Her words all overlapped,
Meanings all jumbled up,
I get a character or two,
Guessing what it could be?
But no one is clever enough,
So, none to decrypt save she.

Her voice sounds so cute,

Like a stubborn child,
Pretending to cry,
And moaning a bit,
Only to push her way,
Into whatever she wants,
However small may be it.

In a tone so innocent,

Like she could never lie,
Nor could do any wrong,
A voice I could swear,
Is enough to make me love,
And keep listening her to,
Like its from the sky above.

She turns silent again,

I worry she has slept,
But I don't give up hope,
I put my ears closer,
Still trying to hear her,
To hear the voice untrained,
The words left to decipher.
And all I hear is a gush of air,
Dashing against her mobile,
Silently breaking the peace,
I realize that is her breathe,
And seemingly she fell asleep!

And feel a sense of contentment,

Breathing a sigh of relief,
To hear her peacefully sleep,
Away from all the cries,
Giving a rest to herself,
Away from all the troubles,
The harshness of the day,
And also the night's chills.

She is mindful of what she does,

So she pretends to wake up,
And tries hard to speak confidently,
Cursing herself for being sleepy,
Then gradually retracing her steps,
Drowning deeper into the ocean,
Into the wide calmness of her dreams,
Rising and falling again and again,
Like the tides in the ocean of dreams.
Her consciousness advancing and receding,
Like the waves on a sea shore.
Her voice climbing and descending,
Like the slope of the lofty hills.

The one thing that remains standing,

Is herself, and the girl she is,
Which makes me love everything,
Her disappointing sleepiness,
Or her beautiful cute voice,
Or her decision to remain awake,
Even when she has a choice.
Her love is all that works for me,
Helping me notice every tiny detail,
The sound of her silence,
And the warm air she breathes,
The curious unspoken words,
And the languages she speaks.

Suddenly she softly mumbles again,

Like someone had covered her face,
Which made her talks unclear.
Or someone had put a blanket,
Over the fallen dry dead leaves,
And finally finding no other work,
Decides walking over the deceased.
Speaking words she never knew,
In a language she never spoke,
And for moments that were too few.

I do whisper a word or two,

Wanting to see if she is here,
And when I'm sure of it,
I just let her be there.
Trying too hard to imagine,
Unraveling how she does this?
Make me keep loving her,
And even more when she sleeps!
Making me care even more,
As I tend to ask her to sleep,
Even though its not what I want,
But I oblige to her drowsy mind,
And let her sleep without taunt.

Sleeping and dreaming,

Dreaming about chocolates,
Thinking about ice-cream,
But caring and loving too,
Mindful of what I'll do,
With her being asleep,
Like that is also her duty.
That is my sweet princess,
My sleeping beauty! 
P.S- I love this poem alot, the moment I saw I had tears in my eyes I am not sure its written for me... 


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