Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Dear God,

You know my mummy ? My mummy very buaeitful  baeutifull beautiful. This spelling correct ?
But she trouble me lots. She force me to eat food I not like. She beat me when I no eat. She also force me to drink milk *yuck*. She always troubling me. I cry and go to my secret room every time she hit me. Why she do like that ?

But she also love me. She holding my hand tightly every time we go outing. She giving me chocolate to eat when I come first in my class. She also giving me a tight hug when I cry in my secret room.

I love my mummy alot. God, please take bad part of mummy, then I also happy. Mummy also happy. Everybody happy.

Will you also give me lots of choclats chocolates and holidays so I can play with my friends ?

  saamu ( This what me mummy call me.. yuck.. make she forget this pleese please)

This post may be a cliched one. But it is the voice of a 5 year old kiddie who writes a letter to God. We all wish for something or the other that we want God to fulfill for us. It's about time that we also write letters...no ??:)

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