Two extra hours of much needed time;
to help at home, to bond with kin,
to smile, to hug, to share a laugh,
to apologize for the fool I've been...

to catch up with that angry friend,
to go ahead and speak my part,
to drop in and say hello,
to prove the 'tin-man' has a heart...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
to read, to dance, to sing, to write,
to hang on to these little joys,
to fasten my grip and hold on tight...

to help that old man cross the road,
to invite him in for a cup of tea,
to read street kids a fairytale,
to show them a world they'd love to see...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
to say 'i love you' to my dad,
to hug my mom and speak my heart,
to open up like i never had...

to thank the almighty for his grace;
to seek his care and blessings divine,
to pray to him to show the way,
to hope he makes it all go fine...

to pause and play the times gone by,
to introspect and talk to life,
to forgive, forget and make am-mends,
to try and resolve every strife...

Two extra hours of much needed time;
though much trouble it might not me save,
but help me carry it would for sure,
a lot less regrets to my grave...


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