Well! You have have probably have learn't about the famous theory of Darwin “The survival of the fittest”. It basically indicates that the one who can adapt to changes in the environment lives! But then again how can one survive in this ever changing environment. Somewhere where only change is a permanent season how does one survive? 

I guess the only way one I see of surviving in such a climate would be being selfish or selfless. If you choose to be selfish then you only think about yourself and then probably the others around you won’t really matter to you. You would be invincible to people’s feelings and their little experiments, until and unless, magically in some way you end up hurting yourself (something which humans are not biologically programmed to do). Well there are quite a few people who do exist in this category since this is a materialistic world and survival is the most important factor of living (by hook or by crook).

Whereas being selfless is something which is pretty much impossible to do because it’s like you wanting to be used by the people in the other categories. It’s self destruction! How can one be completely selfless and not get affected by emotions? Not even the great preachers like Buddha were selfless instead I would term them in the category of selfish, as for their thirst of knowledge they abandoned all their connections and go into exile. However, they did share their knowledge of eternity and etc by turning away from their selfish motives and being selfless. So I guess we can say that by being selfish you do get success?
I guess one just cannot be classified in one category as we humans overflow with emotions and are biologically programmed to get hurt and feel pain. This is how we learn and live. The one who denies this feeling the most is trying to fool their mind to a great extent or maybe has already been hurt so many times that has now become insensitive to it. Welcome to life! It maybe crappy, but it’s just as we want it to be......


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