Well everyone has haters in their life, but it seems I just can't get rid of them.
I have no clue, why do they hate me so much. I have never done anything wrong with them, never made plans against them like they do.. I mean to say I never did anything that makes me stand in the negative limelight!

I still remember the first day of my 8th grade, when I shifted here, I was back from KSA. The minute I entered the class, I was surrounded with cold vibes. On that day, I realized, I  ain't gonna have a good year ahead and that so happened. 10th grade was the worst year of my school life! I used to be that type of a girl sitting at the corner all alone crying to herself with no one to care. I had, no I still have  group of mean girls who used to hate me, still hate me and will continue to hate me..
The reason: I have no clue!
So, back to the story, those girls always used to back bitch about me and act all sweet in front of me, they made a mock out of me.They were/are really good in brainwashing people. They turned everyone against me.

As I entered my 11th grade (intermediate jr year), things began to change. I found myself to be bold and used to answer them back. I became more sarcastic and used to reply to all those challenges they used to give me. I still never said anything bad about them to anyone...
We had a lot of competitions in which always my team won! We used to have continuous fights in which even teachers at that point of time were against them  and they even got to know what kind of @**%!@$* they are. Sorry, but I am literally  fed up of it!
10th grade, we did become the "so called friends", but it was just in front of each other. At the back, nothing changed from their side..
12th grade .. Nopes, nothing still changed den, I think, things just got worse.. now I had more enemies, more haters which hate me for I-don't-know-reason, more victims of brain washers and more drama.
bu till then i had made myself strong enough to handle it :):)

This one is for all my haters:

The worse part of your teen life is the teen school/ collage dramas going on. I mean, they are like soo urrrghh...
Jealous bitches back bitches about you, act all sweetly around you, try everything not to live your life in a happy way and the worse part ? You did nothing wrong at all!!!!
Well i guess, there should be villains in a fairy tale cause if there wouldn't be any, we won't be able to enjoy their jealous faces when you rise above them.It always feels good to win from some one. Life would be boring without all those melodramas going on..
So, friends, get ready for school, gear up and show your haters what you are worth of. Climb the ladder of success and when you reach the top, smile back at them. They are gonna be on fire!
Haters.. keep on thinking about me.. It definitely proves my life is way interesting than yours! ;)


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